Adult / Individual   Counseling

At LIFE LIGHT Individual & Family Coun​seling Center, we realize how issues arise during the life cycle 

of an adult. We've worked with all age groups, from 18 thru 85 years old. With the right support, in every stage of life, INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING has proven to be monumentally beneficial.

Couples / Family Counseling

At LIFE LIGHT Individual & Family Counseling Center, we focus on the value of relationships. When communication breaks down; when questions of infidelity arise; when quarreling never ends; LIFE LIGHT can help. A trained, objective mediator can get you back to where you can actually SPEAK, LISTEN TO and HEAR EACH OTHER AGAIN!


At LIFE LIGHT Individual & Family Counseling Center, we see daily just how many challenges our youth face in today's culture! Coming to understand your place in the world today is so often a very difficult process; dealing with who you are, bullying, substance use, the stresses of everyday living; even self-harm and suicidal thoughts are becoming more and more common within our youth's culture!

LIFE LIGHT is here to help you through this very challenging time.

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.

-Soren Kierkegaard-